About Stockton Marina

The new Stockton Marina is located downtown on the waterfront near new venues such as the Stockton Arena, Stockton Ballpark, Weber Point Events Center and many other locations used for events and recreational fun.

With over 1,000 miles of Delta waterways to explore, Stockton Marina provides a wonderful, centrally-located place to explore and enjoy.

Installation of marina with 48 covered slips

  • Six 80-foot berths
  • Twelve 60-foot berths
  • Forty-eight 50-foot berths

Guest Docks North Shore

  • Two guest docks to include a combined 878 linear feet of dock South Shore
  • One guest dock to include 520 linear feet of dock


  • North Shore - Renovation
  • South Shore - New Construction and Renovation

Construction and Renovation to include

  • Installation of new (western) promenade
  • Installation of private restroom facility
  • Installation of an access road and parking lot off West Weber Avenue
  • Refurbishment of existing parking lot along Tuleburg Levee Road
  • Refurbishment of existing promenade Pedestrian bridge across Mormon Slough

Nearby Activities

The Stockton Marina, located in beautiful downtown Stockton, is surrounded by many activities nearby and throughout the city.

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